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M-libraries: Libraries On The Move To Provide Virtual Access

M-libraries: Libraries On The Move To Provide Virtual Access / Edited By Gill Needham and Mohamed Ally / Facet Publishing / September 2008 / 352pp / Hardback / 978-1-85604-648-0 / £44.95

Mobile phone ownership is considerably more ubiquitous than internet access via personal computers. As technology moves on apace, more and more people around the world are carrying, effectively, a tiny mobile device in their pocket or handbag. At the same time, the environment in which people find and use information is changing – we are busier, we are constantly on the move and whether we are shopping, booking a holiday or looking for train times we expect instant results. What does all this mean for libraries?

The development of networked technologies opened up huge opportunities for libraries that were able to make their catalogues and digital collections accessible to their users regardless of distance. The opportunity to deliver services and resources to users via their mobile phones, PDAs and other handheld devices will be as significant a challenge. Indeed, if libraries choose to ignore this challenge, they are in danger of being left behind in an increasingly competitive world of information provision and services.

This authoritative collection of contributions from experts in the field, based on the First International M-Libraries Conference held in 2007, explores the technological and sociological context for m-libraries, describes a range of global initiatives with lessons learned, and discusses the potential for future development. Key areas covered include:
  • Libraries and net generation learners
  • Use of mobile technology for off-campus learning
  • Enhancing access to library resources through mobile communications
  • Building an effective mobile-friendly digital library
  • Designing and developing e-learning content for mobile platforms
  • Architectures and metadata for m-learning and m-teaching
  • Mobile use and e-learning in developing countriesFrom shelf to PDA: transforming mobile devices into LIS tools
This timely book will be of considerable interest to the growing international mobile learning community across all sectors, not least in developing countries where internet access via computers is poor but many people have mobile phones and other devices. It should be read not only by information professionals but by mobile, software and library systems suppliers, e-journal suppliers and aggregators, publishers, international development agencies, and policy makers in education and e-government.
Dr Anne Adams, Dr Mohamed Ally, Geoff Butters, Lynne Callaghan, Yang Cao, Àngels Carles, Ana Castellano, Ruth Charlton, Billy Cheung, Robert Davies, Susan Eales, Colin Elliott, Cain Evans, William Foster, Dr Ivan Ganchev, Peter Godwin, Fernando Guerrero, Jom Hahn, Anne Hewling, Maureen Hutchison, Dr Adesina Iluyemi, Dr Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Susan J. Lea, Joan K. Lippincott, Jane Lunsford, Margaret Markland, Dr Buhle Mbambo-Thata, Rory McGreal, Damien Meere, Keren Mills, John Naughton, Gill Needham, Dr Máirtín O’Droma, Dr Mícheál Ó hAodha, Jo Parker, Mariano Rico, Non Scantlebury, Steve Schafer, Dr Wathmanel Seneviratne, Hassan Sheikh, Dr Stanimir Stojanov, Rhodri Thomas, Tony Tin, John M. Traxler, Emma Whittlesea, Freda Wolfenden.
Table Of Contents

Acknowledgements / Contributors

Foreword / Always On: Libraries In A World Of Permanent Connectivity / Lorcan Dempsey

Introduction / Mohamed Ally


1 / Libraries In A Networked society / John Naughton

2 / Libraries and Net Gen Learners: Current And Future Challenges In The Mobile Society / Joan K. Lippincott
3 / Encyclopedic Knowledge In The Mobile age / Agnes Kukulska-Hulme

4 / Nomadicity and Information Access: The Mobile Digital
Library For People On The Move / Mohamed Ally

5 / Use Of Mobile Technology For Mobile Learning And Mobile
Libraries In A Mobile Society / John M. Traxler

6 / Exploiting Mobile Communications For Library Service
Development: Technical Possibilities And Cultural
Implications / William Foster and Cain Evans


7 / Harnessing OERs, Mobiles And Other Technologies For Teacher Education In Africa: The TESSA And DEEP Projects / Freda Wolfenden

8 / Libraries And Mobile Phones In Southern Africa: Possible Applications At The University Of South Africa Library / Buhle Mbambo-Thata

9 / Mobile Information Access For Community-Based Health Workers In Developing Countries / Adesina Iluyemi

10 / An Effective Mobile-Friendly Digital Library To Support Mobile Learners / Yang Cao, Mohamed Ally, Tony Tin, Steve Schafer and Maureen Hutchison

11 / Accessing Library Resources While On Placement: Can Mobile Devices Help Students? / Lynne Callaghan, Susan J. Lea, Ruth Charlton and Emma Whittlesea
12 / Public Libraries, Mobile Learning And The Creative Citizen / Geoff Butters, Margaret Markland and Robert Davies

13 / Mobile Support For Distance Learners: An Investigation / Jane Lunsford

14 / M-Learning And m-Teaching Architectures And The Integration Of Evolving Multi-Campus Educational Support e-Services / Ivan Ganchev, Máirtín O’Droma, Damien Meere, Mícheál Ó hAodha and Stanimir Stojanov

15 / Designing And Developing e-Learning Content For Mobile Platforms: A Collaboration Between Athabasca University and the Open University / Tony Tin, Hassan Sheikh and Colin Elliott

16 / Open Library In Your Pocket - Services To Meet The Needs Of On- And Off-Campus Users / Hassan Sheikh, Susan Eales and Mariano Rico

17 / On Metadata For The Operationalization of m-Libraries / Jim Hahn

18 / Designing Mobile Digital Libraries In A Clinical Domain / Anne Adams

19 / Use Of A Mobile Digital Library For Mobile Learning / Mohamed Ally, Rory McGreal, Steve Schafer, Tony Tin and Billy Cheung

20 / Digilab: A Case Study In Encouraging Mobile Learning Through Library Innovation / Keren Mills, Non Scantlebury amd Rhodri Thomas


21 / From Shelf To PDA: How To Transform Mobile Devices Into A Library Information Tool / Àngels Carles, Ana Castellano and Fernando Guerrero

22 / Working Towards The Ubiquitous Library: An Exploratory Case Study Of Cell Phone Informatics For New Student Library Orientation / Jim Hahn

23 / A Basic Plan For Mobile Service Connectivity For The Library System Of The Open University of Sri Lanka / Wathmanel Seneviratne

24 / Information Literacy: Sharing Ideas For Delivery On The Move / Peter Godwin, Anne Hewling and Jo Parker

Conclusion: Thoughts On The Future Of m-Libraries / Gill Needham



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Now Available (Free) Complete Proceedings: Mobile: M-Libraries 2007 (First)

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